Train at your home and save time, money and energy!

We do see some clients for in-office sessions at our office in Boulder.  This includes psychotherapy and coaching and these sessions always include a simultaneous neurofeedback session.  I also see clients for only neurofeedback too. And our new technician Jack Heimsoth can see you as well for $85 per session for in office sessions.

Home NeurOptimal® Rental Units

We also make available NeurOptimal Personal Rental units that we either ship, or you pick up at our offices.  We train you to use the NeurOptimal unit and you do the sessions at your home without having to coordinate schedules, deal with traffic, or pay the extra fees involved.

Today, we are mostly now focusing on outreach and education about the benefits of NeurOptimal Non-linear Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training. In 35 years of working as a therapist, I have never seen such remarkable results across the widest range of issues and concerns that clients bring to me. We are exclusively working as a Representative for Zengar Institute in Canada, the maker of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training Systems.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training stands on the shoulders of the entire neurofeedback field, a paradigm shift.  It is an advancement on the  EEG technology that was developed from the 1960’s by folks like Dr. Barry Sterman, used in his research for NASA.

So now, we provide you with the exact same training experience that you will receive in our offices in the form of NeurOptimal® Personal Brain Training System.  Zengar Institute has configured that same exact software in a simpler, plug-and-play bundle. You get everything to run sessions with yourself and your family.  We have rented these systems for more than 7 years now and it is proving to be a wonderful way to get the changes that you have heard about from NeurOptimal, and save time, energy, and money.  And because the genius is in the software, you don’t need to have us to be in the room with you to get the incredible benefits that people share with us every day. And we are oavailable for any questions or concerns you have during the rental period.


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