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David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC, Psychotherapist & Certified Master NeurOptimal trainer, founder of is also an Official Representative for Zengar Institute, Inc. of Canada. In this 11 minute video, David shares about his 11 years of experience using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Professional brain training technology, providing an overview of the field of neurofeedback and how NeurOptimal is leading the way, a paradigm shift.  And it is training, not treatment!


In House Financing program details

The Professional Bundle
…Lifetime license included. with all Professional Bundles ..
 3 Available Pro Bundle Options

Comparison Chart of ALL Current  Pro NeurOptimal V.2 Packages 

 Professional: Zen All in One Bundle

Price: $10,995.00 (USD)

Pro ZEN_All_in_One_Bundle_Brochure 


 Professional: Surface Pro 4 Bundle

Price: $10,995 (USD)

Pro Surface 4 Bundle  Brochure

Professional: Laptop Bundle
Price: $9,500.00 (USD)


NeurOptimal® is fully automated. This means there is little training necessary before you are running  sessions and you don’t have to make decisions about what protocol to use for your client.  The genius is in the software and it interacts in a real time, moment to moment way to your brain, mirroring back to the brain its own activity and the brain does all the rest!

The NeurOptimal® Professional Bundle includes everything you need to run sessions. You get a NeurOptimal® Professional unlimited lifetime license and everything else that you need for a “turn-key” ready to go NeurOptimal® system. You also get six months of a full service PASS membership which includes free updates, computer maintenance, discounts on training and products and much, much more… And when we handle your order, you also get our support.


“As Representatives for NeurOptimal Systems, we walk you through the entire process,  from initial inquiries, to getting you what you need to make an informed decision, to making sure that everything is working right when your system arrives.  We will answer all your questions and help you discover if owning or renting a Neuroptimal system is right for you.

By ordering your system through, we will handle every aspect so that you get you system as quickly as possible.  We love representing NeurOptimal because we have used it in private practice now in our eleventh year.  We have seen amazing results across a wide spectrum of concerns. Because we have experience first hand with what NeurOptimal can do in people’s lives, we have a passion about NeurOptimal’s ability to help your brain improve your resiliency in life.  We use it ourselves and can say that it has made a significant difference in our lives.  We know it will in yours!  Please feel free to email or call us.  We love hearing from you. 303-449-2004″

David & Loraine


Information about the PASS program.

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Payment Options: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, cashier’s check and electronic funds transfer.

Shipping and Handling: Shipping charges are included for continental US and Canada.

Delivery Time: Typical delivery time is 10-14 business days.

Cancellations and Returns: Orders may be canceled or returned within 30 days for a refund less a 20% restocking fee and the cost of replacing consumables (includes sensors) damaged or missing components and shipping by Zengar’s carrier.

Warranties: Zengar warranties its zAmp for seven years. System hardware is warrantied by the manufacturer (Acer) for one year. Owner is encourage to register their system with Acer once they receive it, to ensure a full year of service. Norton subscription active for one year, renewable for a small sum annually by owner.

Export/Import Regulatory Requirements: Customer will abide by all laws pertinent to the US, Canada and their own country with regard to export and import regulations.

NeurOptimal® Purchase Agreement: End user is licensing the use of NeurOptimal® software subject to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA). NeurOptimal® is sold on the understanding that it is being used lawfully within owner’s state, province or country. Determining applicable laws is responsibility of purchaser. It is being sold as a medical device.

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