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Meet David & Loraine of Boulder Neurofeedback!

Official Sales Representatives and Certified Trainers for NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems, Zengar Institute of Canada.

We are your contact point of everything NeurOptimal® including sales, rentals and in-office sessions. We even help individuals integrate it into their business, or start a new business. We have walked this road for 11 years and can save you time and energy, streamlining your process.  

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Office: 303-449-2004.  


Loraine Masterton, B.S, Northwestern University, Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer
David Delaney

CONTACT Loraine Masterton, B.S., Northwestern University, Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer, NeurOptimal Rep

CONTACT David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Master NeurOptimal® Trainer, NeurOptimal Rep

Visualization of brain using energy across brainwave spectrum with NeurOptimal brain training…

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