“I’ve known David Delaney professionally for more than twenty years. David brings to his work a rich background in the healing arts, personal integrity, and an empowering context for growth and well-being. I know I can refer a broad variety of clients to David with complete confidence that they will be well cared for and that they will benefit greatly from their work with him.”

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW,
Psychotherapist & Neurofeedback Provider
New York City, New York

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of David Delaney is “integrity.” Never one to rely on “the way things are,” David is always willing to go the extra mile to learn something new, to keep coming at whatever the problem is until it reveals itself and unfolds into a solution. He lives and walks the highest spiritual standards, which means doing his best to pay attention to the client as she or he presents in the living moment of the encounter, with respect, wisdom, kindness, fierceness, and wit, each as needed and in balance with the rest. He has my highest recommendation.”

Dvorah Simon, Ph.D.Clinical psychologist,

“David is the kind of practitioner who is devoted to bringing the best of himself to his work and the most health out of his clients. I have found his insights in the process of healing and well-being to be sensitive and accurate. His professionalism and skillfulness in the care of his clients are based on his ongoing dedication to his own development and continued learning. I have all certainty that clients referred to him are in very capable hands”.

Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D., LPC, Boulder, Colorado,  www.rolfingboulderdenver.com