After 34 years in private practice as a therapist, I can say that I have never found an approach such as this that benefits such a wide spectrum of disorders.  See our testimonial page to see what some of our clients have told us.

Now in our eleventh year using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, we are very passionate  about getting this technology into the hands of  the people who need it.  It quickly begins to help the brain renormalize itself, or in other words, return to its natural state of calm, relaxation and ability to spend more time in the present moment rather than being triggered into generating suffering states that prevent us from finding happiness and more peace in our day to day lives.

We are Official Representatives for NeurOptimal® systems, one of twelve Reps worldwide to date, whose task it is to educate the public about its benefits.  We educate about the paradigm shift that NeurOptimal is in the neurofeedback field.  Neuroptimal has brought neurofeedback into the Quantum age. Our approach uses current physics and math, and an understanding of how promoting healthy chaos is how the brain functions best with our ever having to manipulate it in any way.  We are completely non-invasive, do not get side effects, and have found a way to show the brain what it is doing, and the brain does all the rest because that is its design. It can learn from direct experience of itself.


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