ADHD: is it really a disease?

LINK to New York Times article

Recent neuroscience research shows that people with A.D.H.D. are hard-wired for novelty-seeking. This is a trait that had, until relatively recently, a distinct evolutionary advantage. Compared with everyone else, they have underfed brain reward circuits, so much of everyday life feels boring and under stimulating.  It may be that these people are the problem solvers of the future.  But medicating them may actually stop that process.  Who knows?

And we see a general calming of the Central Nervous System and all it partner systems with NeurOPTIMAL training, and the person, that once could not sit still, is able to focus, concentrate better, gets the homework accomplished.  So with training, we can help this personality function better overall.  No medications, no side effects.  Simply providing their brain with moment to moment information about his it is spending energy (in microvolts).  The persons brain is able to re-organize itself with this new information about itself.  It is after all an energy conserving system and can learn to improve its effective in life.