Improving its own adaptability…

Because the Central Nervous System has the job of adapting to life’s constant changes, it is able to literally change itself in response to life experience.  This means that it can change how it reacts to life’s circumstances if given feedback about its own behavior (feedback is the basis of all life).  Prior to 15 years ago, it was generally accepted that after 18 years of age the brain did not change.  But within the last 15 years, research has demonstrated that it is a self-organizing, instinctual organic system and its very nature is ADAPTABILITY.  Adaptability is the hallmark of survival.

NeurOPTIMAL™ Neurofeedback training is a unique approach, an evolution of all other neurofeedback approaches, communicating with the brain in its own language, letting it know each time it is about to produce what we call perturbation (suffering event).  Because the brain (CNS) is so highly sophisticated and instinctually intelligent, it can change it’s own function to become more relaxed and more efficient. When this occurs, it drops behaviors that once caused you to lose your composure, your precious life energy and thus be happier and healthier.

We work with and have seen great benefit with these conditions:

ADD/ADHD, Autism, Trauma and PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Addictions, Lyme Disease, OCD, Performing Artists Anxiety, Optimal Performance, Bi-Polar, and many other conditions. Since all behavior is controlled by the CNS, this is why we see such benefits across a wide spectrum of conditions- physical, emotional, and mental.

Here is what clients tell us about what NeurOPTIMAL has accomplished for them:

  • Peak Performance Improvement
  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Strengthened Active Focusing Skills
  • Reduced Distractibility
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Less Self-Doubt
  • Building Motivation and Self-Esteem
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
  • Controlling and Channeling Performance Anxiety
  • Learning Habit Control
  • Letting go of Addictive Behaviorss
  • Enhancing Mindfullness (meditation) Practice
  • Developing Centering and Quieting Skills
  • Increasing Mental, Emotional, and Physical Energy
  • Improved Performance at Work, Sports, and Performing Arts
  • Diminishing of Depression and Anxiety
  • Ability to remain present
  • Deeper relaxation than expected
  • Letting go of fear (and only recognized that they had fear after beginning training)
  • Improved sleep (poor sleep hygiene is implicated in most behavioral issues and CNS controlled)