Dr. Val Brown professional trainer webinar on NeurOPTIMAL®

Val Brown, Ph.D. and developer of NeurOPTIMAL® Neurofeedback presented this webinar to the professional trainer community. In it, you hear from the horses mouth what NeurOPTIMAL® does and how it does what it does.  Let us know if we can answer any further questions.

What is the difference between linear & non-linear neurofeedback?

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The difference between linear and non-linear neurofeedback is ‘huge’ (as Bernie would say). And there is only one system that I know of that utilizes non-linear physics and math and that is NeurOptimal®.  As I understand it, the traditional field is reading only 4% of the electrical activity (often throughs away 96%), based on the Shannon math that is utilized.  And then there is the digital signal processing which is the same that was used from the 1960s.  It is all based on linear physics and math, or a reductionistic science model. The idea that we are not a machine with parts but a unitary organism is key to understanding the chasm that exists here.

Neurofeedback brain training for the performing artist

One of the biggest benefits I have seen from neurofeedback brain training for the performing artist, be it musician/singer, dancer or actor, is enhancement of cognitive and physical resilience, reduction of anxiety and ability to more in the moment, more present.  I have had clients who are on the road many weeks and months during the year and this can be very difficult, even for someone who loves the lifestyle.  The travel alone is tedious, not to mention food and sleep issues, lack of daily routine and loss of social life- to name only a few.

Concussion Rates Rising in the U.S., Especially Among Adolescents

concussionThe number of Americans diagnosed with concussions is growing, most significantly in adolescents, according to researchers at UC San Francisco. The findings appear online August 16, 2016, in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine.

The article explains that “concussions are a form of mild traumatic brain injury resulting in transient functional and biochemical changes in the brain. They can lead to time lost from sports, work and school, as well as significant medical costs”. But the way that the medical world addresses concussions is often not effective from what my clients have told me. They often feel like they are walking around wounded and having to find coping mechanisms at best, rather than healing the core trauma.

Dalai Lama and neurofeedback brain training

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Here is an interesting article about the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism.  He is a very progressive individual and has always been interested in the intersection between physics and spirituality.  He changed my point of view many years ago when he was asked if operating on an individual was beneficial.  His answer had a big impact on my thinking.  He said that anything that helped an individual live longer so that they could improve their spiritual development, was beneficial.

He continues to demonstrate his open mindedness by embracing neurofeedback, a method for helping the human brain find calm and relaxation in the presence of our intense, technological culture.

Neurofeedback has gone main stream because of results that clients experience.

This Newsweek article (see link below) reminds me how much the neurofeedback field is growing as people seek relief from conditions that cause them real suffering and interfere in living a good life.  It is growing because it is effective!

Man receiving NeurOptimal Brain Training session at Bulletproof conference in California (see article link)

Man receiving NeurOptimal Brain Training session at Bulletproof conference in California (see article link)

NeurOptimal Video Testimonials from Clients

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Being able to challenge our brain in a completely non-aggressive, non-invasive manner is the key to improving its resiliency. This is our new Quantum Reality.  Stress is not going away, but we can train our brain to recognize its own dysfunctional habits that cause us suffering. We know that it can recalibrate itself, called neuro-adaptability. Our brain wants to function efficiently and in the most energy conserving way possible moment to moment. But when it is carrying unresolved traumatic stress from the past, it becomes overwhelmed and loses its capacity to self-regulate to a degree, while driving behaviors that we do not control.  Showing it what it just did, the state change it is about to produce, is enough for it to return to the present moment and drop the suffering event it is about to generate.  This state change is called a perturbation event in non-linear physics; the root is perturb; you are about to become perturbed.