Results sometimes show up a down the road with neurofeedback training.


A woman called us some time back to get some neurofeedback traiining.  She was really going through a difficult time, unable to work and experiencing an inability to generally function in her life.  She had even turned down a good job because she was afraid that she could not deal with it. And her husband was not being empathetic with her state of condition; he thought she was faking.

Chemo Brain Study using neurofeedback

My colleague Jean Alverez from Cleveland, Ohio has an ongoing research project regarding using neurofeedback to assist individuals who have cancer and are undergoing (or have recently undergone) chemo therapy.  Because many of these patients experience major brain fog, cognitive dysfunction and the like, she is researching to see if there are actual benefits past personal testamony.


Many clients say that the neurofeedback has helped, but this in not enough in the research circles.  One has to have ‘evidence’ based on a well crafted, acceptable research.


LINK to article on the Research Study

Brain-Mind: Society of Neuroscience, Dali Lama’s 2005 attendance…

Learn to function from the ‘inside-out’!

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Evoking a healing response…

Evoking a healing response Once in awhile a client, either a child or an adult, will not return to neurofeedback training after experiencing what they see (or their parents see) as a side effect of the training.  In truth, given that we never ever push the brain whatsoever, the brain is MOVING THROUGH a block that has been there, usually the reason why they came in for help in the first place.  This is a healing response (remember neuroplasticity) and has been known my humans for thousands of years- though today, much of allopathic medicine tries to suppress symptoms rather than help support the immune system to strengthen itself by going through the response and thus building immunity.

I recall so clearly a client telling me, ”I don”t want to go back to the past”, when in fact this unresolved issue that she had obviously been carrying around for years and which caused her tremendous anxiety (the reason she came to see me in the first place), was ready to be digested and assimilated so that she could live a fuller and happier life- but she saw it differently.

Stopping too soon…

I get a call from Jack’s mother (not his real name) after only 2 sessions saying that they are canceling his sessions.  He experienced a bit of depression which is why they brought him in originally.  I had explained to them before we started that, although very rare, some people will experience an exacerbation in symptoms that are in their repertoire already.  But the difference is that with NeurOPTIMAL, folks will move through these old symptoms rather then cycle through over and over.  NeurOPTIMAL targets turbulance that the brain is producing based on overload.

Children are delicate…