Quantum Brain Dymnamics

In their paper entitled, “QUANTUM PHYSICS IN NEUROSCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY: A NEUROPHYSICAL MODEL OF MIND/BRAIN INTERACTION”, Jeffrey M. SchwartzHenry P. StappMario Beauregard conclude

“A principal function of the brain is to receive clues from the environment, to form an appropriate plan of action, and to direct and monitor the activities of the brain and body specified by the selected plan of action.”

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The more clients I train with NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback, the more that I am humbled as to the power of our brains capability to heal itself.  I mean, how can a school aged boy be failing in school and then in number a weeks, be all caught up and doing well?  And certainly, the health of the family environment plays an important in this. If there are issues in the family dymanic like violence or poor diet or even just too much activity or unrecongized health issues, these of course can play a role in slowing the brains benefits in the training process.  But looking at percentages, it is amazing how may people experience big shifts in their day to day function and effectiveness.
Recently, I worked with a female in her late 50’s, who her visits said, “It changed my life!”  Others notice an improved ability to minimize the effects of anxiety and depression.  Some find it easier to relate socially and a work.  Still others se changes in areas of themselves that they were not anticipating.  Working with a client with Lyme Disease has allowed her to be functional during periods where only anxiety and depression were dominant; it seems to lift the mood to a functional place where happiness is actually possible for her.  And certainly we now understand about moods and their hormonal connections.
Hormones (produced by the hormanal glands) like seratonin, if they are low, will be experienced as depression.  So with this non-linear brain training approach has a direct impact on the hormonal system. We utilize the math of quantum physics to deliver information, where we neither inhibit nor push various brainwaves which almost all others neurofeedback systems do. Simply by knowing when the brain is about to go into a ‘state change’ (perturbation event) the brain is informed that it is generating it;s own state and it’s intrinsic function takes over and stops the downward descent, training the brain to remain in the present moment.
There is a brainwave band between 23 and 38 that we call “dredging and mulling”; these are thoughts being mechanically and automatically generated in your brain. 95% of them which you had yesterday.  Our brains are like this; they are mostly mechanical, all based on past unresolved stress and fear that go back a long time and so NeurOPTIMAL also has an impact on reducing their dominance.  Like a client said after many questions when I would inquire as to how he was doing post session. “Quiet mind” he would always say.