Feedback by clients about their

neurofeedback training experience…


Here is my brief story about an experience after Neuroptimal:
“I started a new office job and felt intense performance anxiousness welling up within on the first day. Then it occurred to me that I could relate to the situation differently- I learned in the construction industry how to be more confident and “macho” so I recalled this feeling of confidence and put it to work in this new job.
Within minutes, I felt at ease with this new job and knew I could handle whatever I had to do. The point is that I realized I had control over my state and that I could shift to a more empowered state instead suffering needlessly.”
Jack H., Boulder, Colorado


“We are so very pleased with Ken’s progress-it is truly remarkable and we are grateful-Thank you!!!!  He is lighter and happier and handling stress in a much more positive way…”

Written by the Mother of a 15 year old boy who had been traumatized because of being physically and emotionally bullied at school, causing significant anxiety and fear.  

“I started the Neurofeedback Training with David approximately 5 months after my bicycle and I were involved in an accident with a car.  This left my body with several broken bones and my mind with a lot of general negativity and suicidal thoughts.  Even after the first session there were a few hours present without all those unpleasant thoughts, and then back to the usual anger and despair.  But eventually, after maybe 12 sessions, my mind became calm without falling back into those negative patterns.  I am so grateful for this help and would highly recommend working with David to anyone!”

 Brian Dolan-     Denver, Colorado

“Without consciously trying, I was able to survive the first two days of classes, being more attentive than normal and vastly more organized.  No energy spent trying to be organized and hard working; it just happened!”

 C.T., Colorado University/ Boulder Senior student

” It changed my life!”

L.R., Boulder, CO.

“With the focus on ruffling events with the technology, I forgot to let you know that I have been seeing improvements attributable to the training. Now after seven sessions (and a rest day) I’m impressed with what I’m experiencing – specifically a much greater sense of flow and energy, with much less rumination about things that normally cause performance anxiety. My meditations have been naturally deeper and I have received many insights about expectations and attitudes that haven’t been serving me.”
“Thanks for your help and patience. I look forward to experiencing the next evolutionary phase”!

C.M., Denver, CO.

“I came in for a second session; I hadn’t noticed anything in particular after my first session.  At the end of this session, David asked me how I was feeling and then asked me to begin tracking any changes that I was noticing as a result of this sessions and that they might not be happening where I was expecting them.  I suddenly realized that I had not had a cigarette in the 2 weeks since my last session.  I had no attraction to them whatsoever since then, even when hanging out with friends and being offered one which I had accepted in the past. Wow! This was amazing to realize; after only one session,”

S.F., Boulder, Colorado

“This is one of the most effective optimal training systems I have ever experienced. NeurOPTIMAL can help anyone overcome anything life throws at us”.    

 Matthew Oster,Co-Owner/Manager at Fitness Together Louisville, Colorado

“I was feeling severely low performance before I went to see David. I could barely get out of bed and could not find any joy in life. I had so much cognitive dissonance and would stress over the smallest things. Thinking I might need to go back on anti-depressant medication which I did not want, I had researched alternatives and happily found “NeurOptimal”. Because I live out of the country, I decided to come for 2 weeks and receive 2 sessions a day. The first 6 days were up and down, where I would feel great one day and off  the next. What was happening was I became very observant of the things that were not working in my life. I would love the feeling one day, but then became overwhelmed with this new information the next. After that, I found I leveled off and became emotionally steady. What struck me the most is that I noticed the same thoughts that were stressing me out would enter my mind, but then float away on there own. This gave my mind space to think more clearly and be able to piece together how to be a stronger and happier person. And it is sticking. I can tell that partially my brain has learned to automatically drop the stress patterns while at the same time, I have more mental space to know how to do my part in this process. David was a great support, offering much wisdom that I will forever use in my everyday life.

E.A., 40 year old female living in Central America


“Suffering from serious low energy and several additional sub-optimal areas for forty years, I have spent many hours over the years in talk therapy sessions…Therefore, when I learned about neurofeedback, I was somewhat skeptical, thinking it was just another form of therapy. How wrong I was! My experience with (NeurOptimal®) was surprisingly very positive. Subtle changes started occurring after the first session. I noticed that I was definitely feeling more chipper health-wise. My daily intestinal distress had calmed down, and I no longer felt sick to my stomach all the time. Mentally, my level of feeling off dropped considerably so that I had more energy to get on with life, and enthusiasm for the small every day things. This path towards well-being continued to unfold throughout my fifteen sessions, and I find myself today able to cope with events in a more calm, less angst-ridden manner.”

– 60-year-old woman who suffered from depression and anxiety.


“I have been measuring the success of these sessions by how I am doing in school. I am experiencing less “paralayzed days” though I am still battling an occasional one. Remember when I told you that I wake up with an adrenaline rush & have trouble getting going as I launch into ruminating over my losses and past mistakes? It was easier to break my self free of the ruminating this morning and I got moving after 20 minutes, as opposed to a whole hour. I am still trying to get a handle on my stress levels, sleep management and eating patters. These have all improved since I have been meeting with you. I would like more improvement to be able to rely on myself to be more effective in my own life. I feel that the NeurOptimal neurofeedback is helping. I do not feel that the process will be complete in 3 more sessions (more like 20 total). I would like to be able to be freed up to attend to my goal to succeed in school, (and life, of course).”

-60 year old client in career transition-


“I felt great after yesterday’s session — as though some lint were removed from my brain, as though something were cleared up that I didn’t know was there.  This is, by far, the strongest and most positive effect that I have experienced, and I would call it extraordinary…
(Following week’s session)”I feel a welcome sense of alertness and optimism after yesterday’s session — similar to what I felt after last week’s session, except subtler and more pervasive. I related to my team at the radio station with more ease and naturalness today. The sessions have definitely been benefiting me.”
-65 year old male seeking focus and concentration improvement

“I started to see small changes in my mental abilities very quickly, after the first four or five sessions. I work with a computer and since the concussion I had to relearn all my passwords and how to use several of my day-to-day programs…The first positive change was that, suddenly, I was able to easily understand computer functions again and start doing things like backing up my data and using PayPal. I then simply felt like I ‘had my optimal brain back’ again and my functioning really improved immensely.”
– Pam, a woman with brain injury sustained after falling from a bicycle.


“I just wanted to let you know that he has been doing very well! He still gets frustrated with his 2 hours of homework at night, but who wouldn’t? We may make a school change just because this school demands so much, and then Jack demands so much of himself above and beyond that. He had to give a speech yesterday and he came home with a big smile and said he ACED it! He has more confidence and  I haven’t heard the “worries of the world” talk that he used to do. Overall, your services and YOU made a big difference. We thank you very, very much for being a part of our son’s life. If you ever need a reference, we’d be happy to support it. We will always keep you in mind if we feel  he needs help in the future.”
J.P., Mother

“I feel so grateful to have come in contact with David. I started working with David Delaney last summer because I wanted to explore Neurofeedback for my poor focus and disorganization before entering Graduate School. I’m amazed; I can focus on my my school work with no problems, where as in my undergrad I had a difficult time accomplishing tasks.   I can honestly say that my concentration has improved and I respond to stress much more efficiently than my classmates. I looked around in Boulder and the other alternative was much, much more expensive than what I could afford.  David was not only reasonable, but he was willing to work with my situation.  I couldn’t believe it!  He believes so much in NeurOptimal Neurofeedback that he does whatever he can to help make it accessible to anyone who could benefit.  Neurofeedback was a huge insight into my poor functioning, I didn’t realize how much performance anxiety cut into my ability to pay attention and how much it contributed to my poor focus.  My work with David was crucial in preparing me for graduate school. I’m active, I’m engaged and I’m able to handle my classes along with my outside job responsibilities and social life.  It’s all true!”

T.T. Boulder, Colorado

“I just wanted to report to you how I felt last night after our session. I was already riddled with fear, exhaustion and an incredibly intense knot in my stomach when I arrived.  I was anticipating more of the same as I went home. I usually get very worried and fearful as I drive home at the end of the day.  This is most likely due to my  fear of night time (insomnia).  As I drove home I felt the knot slipping away.  When I got home I was actually a little happy. I ended up falling asleep pretty easily whereas I was certain that I was going to have another sleepless night.

Today I feel pretty clear-headed. My thoughts are not out of control and obsessively negative.  I rode my bike before work and am functioning pretty well today!

It feels nice.  So I’m ready for MORE!”

Michelle, Software programmer, Longmont


“I just thought I’d give you a little update on how I am doing.  I have been off ALL meds for a few months now and I am feeling great.  I think the medication that I was on was a big part of my problems.  I believe it was clouding my mind.  I am now sleeping well, eating well, and each day I feel more and more of my vitality coming back.  I can think more clearly and I feel more authentic emotion.  It’s wonderful.  Also, I now have a full time job working. The work is hard, but I am really enjoying it and things are going well.

I want to thank you for working with me.  I do think the neurofeedback helped with my recovery, but it was hard to realize that until I was off the medication.”

Anonymous, University Of  Colorado Student

“I must say, I feel pretty calm in comparison with before we began this particular work. Annnnnnd, I have been practicing, especially at night, revisiting those comforting feelings of safety, love and appreciation.

Several years ago, I worked with a woman who helped me tap into that particular “resource.” I just did not get encouraged, coached on how to best use it, and integrate it. Guess I need that extra personal touch, or whatever it may be – skill, artfulness, assurance that you provide so well.”

J.A., Boulder, Co.


“This neurofeedback training is helping me, extremely. I can’t remember the last time I had a crying spell”!

Steve R., Boulder, Co.


“After a stressful cross country move, my sensitive son developed fears and aversion to school and worry of ”getting  germs’ that interfered with his wellbeing and success at school.  We sought neurofeedback as a pharmaceutical-free strategy to address his worries, social anxiety and hypervigilance.  We found David Delaney and his style of neurofeedback, Neurocare, and both have met and exceeded all hope and expectation.  Since my son was already categorically nervous and suspicious of new people and situations, we worried whether he would trust this unfamiliar process and its facilitator…needlessly!  David is a natural with kids and exquisitely sensitive to their needs.  My son is so candid and comfortable with David and his office has become a sanctuary amidst the chaos.  David is accepting, mindful and authentic and I consider his presence in my son’s life as a mentor and role model to be one of the most valuable benefits of this process.

Post NeurOptimal, I can happily say that my son is thriving in a way we never thought possible.  He’s having his first successful year at school, has many friends (this is new!), and is taking more risks.  The last time I checked in with his school counselor, she started tearing up when she shared the many observations of his compassion and joyfulness (his true self!).  Without the cloud of fear, he has been more flexible, adventurous and confident.  NeurOptimal has accomplished in a couple months what we have been trying to achieve with play therapy, occupational therapy, trauma work, cranial sacral, nutritional supplements, homeopathy etc., for years!  While I believe all we do plays a role, I strongly recommend David Delaney and NeurOptimal as a pivotal step to a joyful, balanced life.

PS:  After observing my son’s journey, I have recently started my own work with NeurOptimal and now I’m looking forward to its many benefits!”

Sheila S., Boulder, Co.


“I am the parent of 3 children, two of whom have been to see David Delaney. I had read about neurofeedback in the past and had suggested my son, then 18, try it. He had suffered from an performance based anxiety and low energy for many years. He had been on medication for a long time and was doing just ok. But when they changed medications recently, numerous times, it put him into a depressive state. My son (now 20) was feeling horrible, so he agreed to do whatever was necessary to stop his pain. We made an appointment with Daivd Delaney and after just 11 sessions, he was like a new person. He told me he woke up smiling everyday and looking forward to the day. He also told me that he never woke up that way before. He also felt his mind was clearer, he was no longer having racing thoughts.

Soon after my sons experience with the neurofeedback, my youngest daughter (15),  had been feeling very sad and angry, agreed to see David Delaney. I thought it could only help her get through this period. She had tried talk therapy for a bit and did not seem to like it nor did she improve. I did not want to have her medicated, so upon my son’s and my insistence she went for neurofeedback. Her moods improved within a few sessions. And she actually expressed feeling less angry and clearer. She has been happier and no longer seems mad at the world. I would recommend this form of optimization training to anyone. In fact I want my other daughter to try it and I look forward to as well.”

Liz Oster, Superior, CO.


“David understands me” is the comment that I get from my 8 1/2 year old son when he visits for NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training. I found out about NeurOptimal through a friend whose young daughter was experiencing functional well in her life. It worked wonders for this young girl. She was on the verge of getting kicked out of school in 3rd grade for her behavior. After many rounds of medications and side effects, the family went in a non-traditional direction and found NeurOptimal neurofeedback training. As each session passed, she needed less and less medication and her behavior changed dramatically. That speaks volumes.

My little boy’s mind is constantly racing with ideas and questions. He had not slept through the night for months. He would get up countless times every night…wander around the house, get in bed with me and toss in turn. After the first session with David he slept. He said that his mind calmed down. He comes away more peaceful from his sessions. That reverberates into all aspects of our lives at home. He loves seeing David. I am very grateful.”

Lisa Fischer, Boulder, Colorado


“Each session of NeurOptimal neurofeedback training gave me measurable results, physically and energetically. Physical symptoms resulting from systemic inflammation in my body, were relieved immediately by the calming of the nervous system. Each session I felt was a deep and multi-layered experience working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A deeper sense of core and a calmer sense of being were created. The shifts have been stabilizing and lasting”.

Erama Schmid, Denver, Colorado