Dalai Lama and neurofeedback brain training

Dalai Lamaown-2

Here is an interesting article about the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism.  He is a very progressive individual and has always been interested in the intersection between physics and spirituality.  He changed my point of view many years ago when he was asked if operating on an individual was beneficial.  His answer had a big impact on my thinking.  He said that anything that helped an individual live longer so that they could improve their spiritual development, was beneficial.

He continues to demonstrate his open mindedness by embracing neurofeedback, a method for helping the human brain find calm and relaxation in the presence of our intense, technological culture.

Valdeane Brown, Ph.D.,  meditator and martial artist, developed NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback on the Buddhist principles of emptiness and returning to the present moment, and modern non-linear physics.  The other reason I was attracted to using this with my clients who were suffering is that it is completely non-aggressive in how it works with the brain, never manipulating, but simply mirroring back to it its own activity, and the brain renormalizes itself based on instinct. The results are  improved resilience in life, optimal performance, being in the flow without having to try hard to do it and an ability to return to the present when upset, anxious, or depressed.