David Delaney, MA, LPC, CAR,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Official Representative for NeurOPTIMAL® Systems of Zengar Institute of Canada

I have been a therapist, educator, coach, and healing arts trainer since 1983, most of the time spent in private practice in New York City. This desire to assist other humans on the Path actually began with my wanting to understand my own behavior which was confusing and caused me ongoing suffering.

In my thirty-four years of working with clients, I have discovered a few things that underpin my approach.

Firstly, I discovered that when we become overloaded with stress, there will be automatic mechanisms that take over in order to manage the pressure within. This is an intelligent process but we do not control it; it is instinctual.

Secondly, we are instinctive creatures (we are a mammal after all) and it is at the level of the instincts that is most important to living harmoniously is a busy world.  If we think that just because we ‘think it’, it is so, then we are sadly disappointed.

And thirdly, the nature of our brain (Central Nervous System) is that it is complex and adaptable in its very nature.  In other words, if we know how, we can actually change our conditioned responses in life to a degree.

And lastly, I recognized many years ago how delicate our nervous systems are and how chronic and acute stress and trauma play such a negative role in our ability to adapt to life’s constant change.  It limits our ability to adapt well.

Since we now know that we live in a non-linear, healthy chaotic reality with a degree of unpredicability, we must find new ways of encouraging healing. This I knew before coming to this work and had sought out an approach that would encourage with our body’s innate intelligence and  self-healing capabilities.

We have natural limits as humans and once we go past those limits, our organism becomes overloaded. Overload is what causes us to behave in ways that often shocks us. Anger, depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking, fear of interacting with others, poor focus and so on, are all manifestations of physiological overload.

But we can now better train an individual to reduce this stress response and live a calmer, more present life where satisfaction and happiness are more within reach, in the present.


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