Neurofeedback for a Family

NeurOPTIMAL® neurofeedback for the entire family.

I began working with a gentleman about a year ago who was having anxiety issues, difficulty in his marriage, and was using alcohol to cope with his problems which is never a good solutions.  After just a session or two, he was noticing he had no attraction to alcohol as a coping tool and his relationship with his wife was improving.  Some sessions, we would do therapy around the couple process, helping him see his reactivity to her, and helping him detach from his reactions which was not helping things one bit. Other times he just did the neurofeedback session alone.

After some months, as his wife was recognizing significant changes in her husband’s behavior, I recommend that she come for some neurofeedback sessions.  I saw that they were two independent individuals, she having her own business and she looked very successful at what she did.  He told me that she had to travel in her work and with two boys, this produces stress on the relationship on top of reactive patterns that they were both carrying from their own birth families.

She was willing and has really benefitted from the sessions.  She loves the fact that she can let go during the sessions, and often falls asleep or goes onto the dream world and it is valuable to her personally.  It allows her to unplug for that time and just be.  Consequently, because both of them are doing neurofeedback training simultaneously, they are seeing much improvement in their relationship, family life and work life.

So now they saw that their oldest son could benefit from sessions.  So I have the Mom and son come to my home office where I can run simultaneous sessions for them both and this way I can offer a discount.  They are seeing improvements in his confidence and a significant drop in his anxiety.  This is big they say.  Because I do not drive change, as most of the main forms of neurofeedback do,  a person’s brain makes its own decisions as to what needs to change to improve its own resilience and ability to cope with stress.

Now they are going to bring the youngest son who has some issues in school and they feel that, given that they now know our brains are capable of doing with non-directive feedback,  he will benefit just as they all have.  I will have the Dad and son come to the home office and this will afford them a significant discount in their monthly fee.  It is really a win-win for us all.

Because our brains are social brains, meaning that they are always adapting to one another neurologically, providing sessions side by side has a further benefit and why I will suggest that a Mom or Dad and child do sessions together sometimes.  Because we have these social brains that are mirroring and changing in response to one another (all based on good research), by training side by side, it provides a further cohesion in the family and brings about a more tuned-in connection, as it were.  We see this over and over again; families feeling more unity, more connection, more enjoyment in the time they spend with one another and yet enjoying being a separate self as well.

I also have a few rental units for those individuals or families  who are out of the region or find it difficult to get into my office.  You will be trained to hook-up family members (including yourself) and run sessions in the privacy your own home without having to travel, all under our supervision.  Call is for more details.