Frequently Asked Questions about the NeurOptimal® 3.0 upgrade:

When do we expect the release date to be? We do not have an official release date yet. However, we will advise all of our clients of the release date 6 to 8 weeks prior to the release. This information will be posted on PASS as well as on our website.

What will be the price increase for the Professional and Personal 3.0 systems? We are currently finalizing the pricing. However, we do expect a price increase.

Do we have to do the upgrade to 3.0? No, however it is recommended in order to stay current and to continue to be supported by our technical team. Support for 2.0 will continue for two years post the release of 3.0, after that time you will be required to upgrade your system to 3.0 in order for us to be able to adequately support you.

What are the changes to the software? The major changes include the following:

1. Simplified, more elegant user interface.
2. Touchscreen-centric interface, so tablet compatible
3. A larger set of 20 Targets instead of the legacy 16 and these include the set previously known as High Hz.
4. For Pro: No more separate Baselines; rather, Pre and Post measures will be taken automatically within each Training Session.
5. For Pro: Spectra and Targets in one display that can be overlapped or separated on the fly
6. A completely new Media Player interface that includes the use of Windows Media files and playlists as well as Apple songs/playlists (copy media from apple phone and you can play natively), CDs, DVDs and selected streaming audio and streaming video sources.
7. Sessions recorded on a Personal 3.0 system can be easily exported to a Professional system so that they can be visualized through the same Waterfalls and Tunnels of the Professionals system, as if the Sessions had been done on that Professional System.
8. For Pro: Multi-Trainer and Multi Location file system that includes access to relevant Client demographics and Training data.
9. For Pro: The analysis functions are improved. No more CCAC graphs polluted by line noise. Instead a much more intuitive graphic representation of the pre/post and training session, with noise filtered out just like it is during the training. This means no more line noise “issues”!
10. No more line noise indicator (due to #9).
11. No more Initial/ second/ third sessions. Use Regular all the time. We also will include a 15 min demo session and a 44 minute Extended session.

Will there be hardware changes? Yes, the 3.0 upgrade will be distributed on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet and the Microsoft Laptop only.. The zAmp will remain the same.

Do we have to change our current hardware (laptop) in order to upgrade to the 3.0 version? It will depend on your original system, but if it is less than 3 years old, probably not.

Will the upgrade be free for a PASS member? Yes, for all active members at the time of the release.

Will Personal Assistant members also be eligible for the free upgrade? Yes, all active Personal Assistant members at the time of release will receive the Personal 3.0 upgrade for free.

How much will 3.0 cost if I am not a PASS/ Personal Assistant Member? Pricing is still not finalized. However, it will be more cost effective to be an active PASS/PA member versus purchasing just the 3.0 upgrade.

Will NeurOptimal® v. 3.0 be just as “effective” for sessions as 2.0? Yes, if not better.

What benefits are there to training the higher frequencies with the 3.0 upgrade? There is not enough data to draw any conclusion from yet, however it will only add to– not detract from the session.

Does it make more sense to wait to purchase the 3.0 version or to buy 2.0 now an then get the upgrade via a mousecall? There will be a price increase when the 3.0 bundle comes out, so financially, it makes more sense to buy now and get the free upgrade (provided you are still a PASS
member) at the time of release. You also can provide training using 2.0 while waiting for 3.0 to be released.

(For the Pro system) Should I take the Basic Certification Training for 2.0 now or just wait for the Training on 3.0? We do not have dates for the 3.0 Certification courses yet. However, if you take the 2.0 Certification courses now, we will be offering webinars on PASS that will allow you to get up to speed on 3.0.

I am a current trainer, how will we get trained on 3.0? We will have recorded videos posted on PASS/PA for you to watch. We will also be offering Basic and Advanced Certification Courses (For Pro) on 3.0 once the upgrade is released. There will also be a number of PASS webinars offered by Val Brown re: 3.0.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my system for the 3.0 upgrade? Yes! Please perform all Windows updates on your system, especially if you haven’t done them in a long time. We are also recommending you logon for a maintenance mousecall now, if you haven’t done so in some time so our our tech team can spend the time it needs on your system, getting it all up to date, prior to upgrade time. This will allow for us to minimize mousecalls time needed during the upgrade process, which is typically a VERY busy time. If everyone co-operates and starts doing this from now, it will create a much lower wait time for our entire community, ensuring smoother process when the time comes. When you log on, simply tell them you’re logging on to prep your system for the upgrade when it comes out.

I own numerous licenses. Will I be able to keep some 2.0 and others 3.0? Unfortunately, the way our licensing routine works, your establishment(s) will either need to be all 2.0 or all 3.0. Version 3.0 is a HUGE change from how we work now, not only in how we (as a trainer) will interact with the software, but also how the software interacts with the “cloud” in terms of licensing. We are only capable of licensing a trainer to one version of NeurOptimal® across all licenses, no matter how many licenses they own. Please contact with more questions about this.

I currently have backup systems licensed to my zAmp in case of emergency. Will I be able to use these backup(s) with 3.0? Licensing will be different with 3.0 in that instead of a license being tied to a particular zAmp, it will be tied to an individual laptop (or tablet). So only one laptop (or tablet) can be licensed at a time per license. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a backup system, it simply means that it will not be licensed at all times, waiting for that emergency day you need to use it. Mousecalls will no longer be required for licensing (it will be able to be done at a distance with 3.0) so simply communicating with us during business hours will allow us to license your backup for a limited time when you need to have your main system repaired. Backup systems will need to have 3.0 pre-installed.