General Benefits of NeurOPTIMAL Brain Training

Weekly,  I speak with clients who have been to my website and been to Zengar’s NeurOPTIMAL™ website ( They come for a broad spectrum of reasons and symptoms.  ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, Lyme Disease, to improve social interaction, work stress, optimal and peak performance, to improve focus in their sport, performing artists, and on and on.  The list is much longer.  (see the 2008 Independently produced Client Survey for all the categories).


So how does providing your brain with moment to moment feedback about it’s turbulent behavior improve such a broad spectrum of symptoms and problems?

Our brains. we are learning, are the most sophisticated organic, dynamical ‘adaptable systems’ that we know of.  Nature has provided us with the ability to self correct or self heal, as well as evolve our brain’s structure and function with direct learning or direct experience; improve its energy efficiency over time.  So we listen to your brains energy output (we pick up about 96% of the brains signal whereas most other neurofeedback approaches pick up around 4%) moment to moment, and based on non-linear math/physics, any time the program recognizes the beginning of a phase shift or also called state change (non-linear science), your brain will interrupt the stream of music that you are listening to and evoke the Orienting Response– that biological, instinctual, survival response to any change in our environment.  When the Orienting Response is evoked, the brain must return to the present moment, scanning to see if there is an actual threat to your survival.  So we are training your brain to recognize that IT is generating your suffering states, stop doing it, and return to the present moment.


Generating suffering states is mostly an internal, self generated process.

Ancient man understood that suffering is generated internally based on our unresolved past.  Events in our young psyches that produced fearful reactions will generate further reactions to present events.  If a child feels that Dad is threatening him, whether Dad actually is or not, may very well generate future automatic reactions when around all men.  This is pretty well accepted today given the research on the brain and how it is organized.  Talk therapy can help to a degree, but past a certain point, if we cannot get under the protective defenses that guard these old wounds, we either make them stronger or never directly affect them.  But by working under the conscious mind, at the level of the instinctual reactions, we can help the brain actually drop old reactive, protective behaviors and simply be more present.  It is a natural process based on good and solid science.