Head Injuries Treatment for High School Sport Injuries

I am receiving lots of calls lately from parents whose children, mostly boys, who have had a sports head injury or what is also called concussion.  There is allot more attention to this major problem.  Our craniums are so delicate and aggressive and even violent sports are starting to be seen as detrimental to healthy development.

One particular young man, 16 years old, had 2 head injuries a few years ago and his life has been very difficult since.  His sport was hockey.  Now he cannot even go to school because the migraines, for which he is being given 6 or 7 medications and it is not controlling his pain well.  His Mom called me looking to see if we could help him.  We will provide them with a system and train him Mom to run sessions at home to begin to help his brain reorganize itself and bring some calm to his painful daily life.

Based on our 2008 Independent Client Survey, our clients have told us that NeurOPTIMAL in safely and effective reducing substantially the effects of brain injury.  Our brains are capable of re-normailzing themselves after an accident and we don’t need to ever push the brain to do it.