Is The Model We Use For Disciplining Children Really Effective?


What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?   Article LINK: Mother Jones


When I read this article (link above), it really hit home for me.  Children are not disruptive, angry, resistant, unfocused because they are doing it consciously.  Children’s brains have not developed and so their ability to self- regulate is limited.  There are developmental stages that we have to be taken through by skilled adults or we remain stuck in this phases, perhaps throughout a lifetime.  My own upbringing and training was based a lot on rewards and punishments and it has taken me a longer time to develop.  The side of myself that is wild is still wild at times.  It wants to do what it wants when it wants because it was not gently assisted though the stages that must be trained to move to more sophisticated problem solving.

These past years, I have been working with just these sort of children, most them then with some unresolved trauma in my experience.  Parents would bring them to me because they were angry and acting out, could not focus or accomplish school work, they could not play with other children well or were too aggressive or shy, they were hyper-active, could not sleep at night and on and on.  What I discovered week after week is that these children could not change their behavior and this model of reward and punishment only makes it all worse.  These kids do not get the attention and love they need in order to literally develop internal resourcing to problem solve their own issues.

Frankly, many of us did not get the level of care and attention that we needed info order to really develop into healthy and whole individuals.  What I have found is that neurofeedback training can help the brain to develop and evolve.  Quickly we would see children regulating better, able to engage with classmates and schoolwork,  being calmer and more relaxed, reducing anxiety intensity and duration, able to drop upset faster, literally learning through these developmental experiences rather then going through the same negative loop ad nauseam.

With advanced neurofeedback, we are able to offer the person’s brain information that it does not otherwise have about itself and through the miracle of neuroplasticity, that person’s brain is capable to improving its adaptability and resilience in daily life.  It is an energy conserving organ after all and is capable to learning trough direct experience.

It is my goal to educate the therapists and educators of all strips about the benefits of NeurOptimal neurofeedback brain training for children (an adults).  Not that adults cannot benefit and they certainly do, but ur children have a daunting task in this complex world and anything that can help them face and deal better with that task needs to be offered to them.  I have seen amazing results since 2007 and am now taking this to another level of educating the public that our brains are able to evolve themselves if we can only show them how they are using biological energy poorly.  We have to get past the material model and recognize that we live in a regenerative Universe and that means that our bodies are regenerative by nature.