Neurofeedback: Athletic Performance Enhancement

Here is an interesting article about the limits of only focusing on physical endurance tactics for athletes but not engaging the mental and emotional factors that impact performance.  There is growing evidence that brain flexibility is a key to how well an athlete can do.  Many professional and Olympic athletes have discovered the added benefits of neurofeedback brains training.  Since the research in neuroplasticity has proven that our brain is capable of  not only dropping old, ineffective neural networks.  It is able to generate new neurons and new, more efficient and effective networks that allows us to literally change our behavior.

Incorporating brain training

This article points toward increased benefits for athletes who incorporate brain training along with body training.  The brain has been shown to have a wide spectrum of positive benefits for our overall performance.  Among the top benefits are improving energy expenditure, and especially during stressful times like competitive events.  Since the brain controls digestions, cardi0-vascular function, and immune system (mood control), you can see that neurofeedback brain training can provide that extra edge that is so needed for athletes to improve performance and move ahead in their field.

I notice that anyone who works with me who is doing athletic activity eventually shares that they notice improved stamina and adaptability, more efficient energy use and less of the panic states prior to competition or performance.  This can make the difference in winning and losing.  Our brains are energy savings systems but they must be trained to recognize their own ineffective states.

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