Neurofeedback has gone main stream because of results that clients experience.

This Newsweek article (see link below) reminds me how much the neurofeedback field is growing as people seek relief from conditions that cause them real suffering and interfere in living a good life.  It is growing because it is effective!

Man receiving NeurOptimal Brain Training session at Bulletproof conference in California (see article link)

Man receiving NeurOptimal Brain Training session at Bulletproof conference in California (see article link)

After using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback in my clinical practice as a psychotherapist for nearly a decade, I can say that I have seen results that seem impossible to believe.  I have seen, for example, dramatic change in  Russian and Chinese adoptees, children who were raised in orphanages and lacked the constant love and bonding that only a parent or committed caregiver can provide. They are unable to regulate their behavior, reduce their anxiety, or bond well and this cause much pain an suffering the their adopted families.  These children showed miraculous change in that they can actually make eye contact, seek love, and self-regulate when upset- whereas prior to the training could not.  And many had been to lots of therapists previously with only minor results, if at all.

The amazing thing with NeurOptimal neurofeedback, a paradigm shift in technology in the field of neurofeedback, is that no matter what suffering you come in seeking help with (be it anxiety or depression or poor focus or hyperactivity) most people are relieved to discover that they have not spent their hard earned dollars in vain.  Because the brain is an energy conserving, self-organizing system, it is capable of re-normalizing itself  without any decision making on the part of the trainer By monitoring and mirroring back to the brain (Central Nervous System) its own energy expenditure, the brain improves its own resilience because it has evolved to do so.  Resilience is the key to living well or not in this technological, fast paced society.

Re-normalizing is a physics term that relates to the field of neuroplasticity, that the brain can advance its own agenda which is always toward survival: meeting challenges and solving problems.  It is actually more that just survival, but thriving well and adaptably in a very complex world.  This is what we see in hundreds of clients, whether they come into the office or rent a machine for home use or purchase their own.  To give you a sense of the effectiveness of NeurOptimal, see the 2014 NeurOptimal Survey across more than 3 millions hours of training time.

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Newsweek article on Neurofeedback LINK