Neurofeedback, or also called brain biofeedback, is a process  of providing real time information to the brain , helping the brain to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.  This has a direct impact on how one feels, how one interacts with others, and how one solves problems and meets challenges in their life.

The field developed from the 1960’s by a diagnosis of sorts, a brain map, and then based on that information, a protocol was designed to entrain that brain into ‘desired states’.  But everyone knew from this produced side effects and it was uncomfortable for the client.  It was really pushing their process and this was less that effective for some, with lots of trial and error.  Today, because of the advances in computer processing, we are able to non-intrusively help your brain to help itself without ever manipulating it.

Dr. Valdeane Brown, developer of NeurOPTIMAL® Neurofeedback, owned, operated, was certified and taught all the major forms of neurofeedback in the world today.  He saw, with his background in modern physics, that the brain did not need to be manipulated at all but simply needed to be shown its own activity, its own dysfunctional states called ‘perturbation or turbulence, and that it would sort itself out and correct itself.  And this is what NeurOPTIMAL does.   It provides your brain with a mirror of its exact activity and anytime your brain loses present moment focus, it feeds back that information, and the brain drops that event it is about to generate and returns to the present  moment. This is information that the brain does not get anywhere else in its life!

And do these changes last?  That’s what thousands of clients tell us.  Their brain if functioning more effientlty and effectively because it is capable to improving itself vie learning; called neuro-plasticity.  Our brain, or Central Nervous System, is an instinctual survival system, for solving problems, meeting challenges, and giving us the experience of harmony in the face of change.  We become more resilient, more effective in life, more adaptable and flexible in our interactions and daily life.  Rather than react the same old we we always have, we begin to have options is what we experience.  We are more focused, present, calmer, and happier because we are not generate our own suffering states.

NeurOPTIMAL is training your brain comprehensively, across all the brainwaves simultaneously; and your brain is so highly sophisticated that is capable to re-normalizing itself toward a more efficient use of biological energy, After all, to is an energy conserving system just as the Universe is.  Our filtering and target training approach is unique and only used by NeurOPTIMAL- no other system can do what we do because of the mathematics behind the software.  Some claim that they do; but the results don’t stand up.  Anytime your brain begins to shift state energetically, NeurOPTIMAL provides it what that information that it is about to shift- and the brain responds by returning to the present moment to access if it is actually being threatened.  And this experience produces is remembered and integrated into its memory.

So we won’t tell you what your process will be.  Each person’s experience, what we call their ‘journey’, will be unique  to them  because it is your brain that is feeding back to itself its own moment to moment dance.  And since we now know that our brain learns from direct experience, it will be evolving itself to improve your life, its main function, your survival capabilities.  No two people’s journey is ever the same; and everyone is pleased with what they get from the process.