NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback helps the brain to recover after concussion…












PBS documentary about the National Football League’s denial that football can cause concussions.  This is a grounded, scientific and objective look at why the aggressivity and violence of football is perhaps not best for children to play.


I am seeing more and more children and adults who have experienced some level of traumatic brain injury.  There is a bit more awareness of just how devastating these injuries can be on humans.  We are just not all made for this level of violence that jars the delicate brain tissue and causing swelling and trauma.

Many more clients are calling us because someone told them that they benefitted from NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback brain training and it resolved the trauma response to an accident. At present, I am seeing a 16 year old who experienced several head injuries while playing hockey and has had off the chart migraines for a few years now.  He is on serious multiple medications which have only be mildly helpful.  Once he began the NeurOPTIMAL training, he noticed significant reduction in symptoms.  This is because we invoke a structure in the brain to bring relaxation into the brain any time a trauma response reaction takes over.  This returns the brain back to a present moment and relaxed orientation while the brain is simultaneously reorganizing itself for improved function.