NeurOptimal Video Testimonials from Clients

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Being able to challenge our brain in a completely non-aggressive, non-invasive manner is the key to improving its resiliency. This is our new Quantum Reality.  Stress is not going away, but we can train our brain to recognize its own dysfunctional habits that cause us suffering. We know that it can recalibrate itself, called neuro-adaptability. Our brain wants to function efficiently and in the most energy conserving way possible moment to moment. But when it is carrying unresolved traumatic stress from the past, it becomes overwhelmed and loses its capacity to self-regulate to a degree, while driving behaviors that we do not control.  Showing it what it just did, the state change it is about to produce, is enough for it to return to the present moment and drop the suffering event it is about to generate.  This state change is called a perturbation event in non-linear physics; the root is perturb; you are about to become perturbed.

See what these clients have to say about their personal experience with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback brain training.  Put your skepticism aside for a moment, and listen to what these folks have to tell us.  No side effects, no telling the brain what we thinks it needs, not diagnosing; just sit back, hook yourself up with the sensors that read 96% of the electrical changes throughout the entire nervous system, and let your brain do what it has inherently evolved to do.  You can improve its capability of solving problems and meeting challenges in a calm and tranquil manner versus our fight/flight approach to life.  Listen to what they have to say!