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 What exactly is neurofeedback?

What is neurofeedback, also called brain biofeedback or EEG biofeedback? How can it help change something that has had an impact on your quality of life?  Is it actually possible to improve a condition that you have that other approaches haven’t helped?  

We want to answer your questions and have tried our best to provide all of the releveant material on this website including videos, articles, links and other resources.  If you have specific questions or concerns, we invite you to call or email us. If you need a referral in another area or are looking to rent a Neuroptimal  home system, please call.

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How can NeurOPTIMAL® Neurofeedback Training change how adaptable and resilient I am in the face of stress and change?

When we become upset, lose focus, become depressed or angry (whatever the state is) our Central Nervous System, or brain, has lost touch with the present moment and is generating that dysfunctional state. Research has demonstrated that the brain generates its own negative states based on reactivity to triggers, and is producing them in the present moment, based on habits and unresolved stress and trauma that it acquired in the past.  By communicating to your brain what is about to do, your brain can recognize its own ineffectiveness, stop doing it, and return to the present, improving how it uses biological energy expenditure.  It is an energy saving system after all, for our personal and mutual survival. It wants to use the least amount of energy to accomplish its survival imperative.

Please read on, as we answer the main questions that most people are looking for.  For those still researching this approach, please click this link.


Is this technology approved by any official agencies?

The American Federal Drug Association has approved neurofeedback for stress reduction and the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed neurofeedback as a “Level 1/Best Support” treatment for children with ADHD, among others.
I have tried many approaches to deal with my issues but this sounds too easy.

Because of the sophistication of the personal computer, we can now communicate with the Central Nervous System, or brain, in its language.  We are able to train the brain to stop producing its own negative states on the instinctual, or biological level, by simply providing it with information about how it is behaving. People are quite surprised at how they begin to automatically and effortlessly drop behaviors that once caused them personal suffering, where prior to this training, no matter what they did, they would still respond negatively or felt poorly when the pressure was on.


Is there any research on neurofeedback? On NeurOptimal?  

Here are a few projects:








•A recent study (Link to research) which was a meta-analysis of many past neurofeedback studies (meta-analysis: a research analysis of many studies) they were able to conclude that inattentiveness, implusivity, and hyperactivity are greatly helped.

•Chemo Brain study- A new research study shows the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a way to restore brain function for women suffering cognitive impairment (chemo brain) as a result of chemotherapy.  Click here  for the chemobrain study.
David attended the Zengar Research Conferences in February 2012, February 2014; Loraine and David attended the May 2016 Conference.  We were presented solid and compelling research on how this approach benefits Alzheimer’s patients, chronic pain, severe brain trauma, improvement in children’s learning capacities and better focus, depression and war trauma, chemo brain fog, anxiety- to name a few.
NeurOptimal® does not decide what protocols we believe they need based on  a picture of a moment in the past.  Everyone receives the same training, though no two moments in the training process are ever the same because NeurOptimal is responding and feeding back to the individual’s brain and it is make its own changes based on biological and instinctual development.
LINK to additional resources.


How many sessions will I need to see changes?

Since everyone is unique, we can’t tell you how many you will need.  Generally clients say they notice shifts within six sessions, sometimes up to ten sessions if the condition is long lasting and intense. Many see clear shifts as early as one or two sessions.  I recall one client who immediately saw how much anxiety she had been living with her entire life after the first session.  She was quite blown away, to say the least, when she experienced letting go of that anxiety during that first session.

A young 12 year old’s parents told me that within the first few sessions, his anxiety at returning to school had decreased greatly.  This young man was aware it and his parents could tell as well, immediately.

Recently, an 8 year old girl who came in with Obsessive Compulsive behaviors completed her sessions in 6 visits! She told me that who didn’t need to come in any more!  She knew it had done what she needed it to do.

I suppose an analogy is appropriate here.  If I decided to begin an exercise program to make some health changes in my life, I would be unrealistic if I thought that say, a few times going to the gym, or dojo, or yoga studio would be sufficient to reach my goal. It would take what it would take, depending on the sophistication of the exercise that I was doing, your perseverance to a regular practice, your current physical state which includes my health history, and so on.

It is the same with this approach.  Think of this as training with your personal trainer. You won’t continue if you don’t experience some noticeable benefit within say ten visits or less; but also know that you will be kidding yourself if you don’t give it time to shift some of the negative brain patterns that have taken years to accumulate.

For some longer standing, more resistant conditions, you may need more.  But what I see across the board is that everyone notices significant shifts with which they are very happy and which they tell me lasts.  And nowadays, within a handful of sessions.

One young man tells me that he is no longer depressed though he was depressed all his life, and I have only seen him 12 times.  So from 10 to 20 sessions is the norm for NeurOptimal®.  I am seeing a women now who has been suffering deeply for 3 years.  She has not been able to work, despondent and in despair. After 18 sessions she is more functional, becoming less isolated and more social, and her family and other therapists notice it too. And some folks see the benefits of having their own units at home for long term support.


I have heard about brainwaves; can you show tell me more?


Brainwaves are really energy fluctuations in the brain. Here is a pdf document that will explain what the various ‘brainwaves’ are and what they control in your life. Please Download your free copy here: Link to PDF


How often do I need to come for sessions?

This essentially is up to you based on your personal experience of training benefits. Our 2008 & 2014 Independent Survey indicates that most folks are happy with results after 20 +/- sessions.  Some less, and some more.  And most clients come one time weekly; some want to do it more often.

But again, you are the ultimate one who decides on what you need or what you can do.   As Zengar Institute (essentially the designers Dr. Val and Sue Brown) continues to evolve this approach, we are seeing better and faster benefits for clients.


How can the brain just drop negative states and learn to come back to the present?

This is called evoking the ‘Orienting Response’which is a developed, instinctual survival tactic where it must stop everything that it is doing in that moment and return to the present to assess if there is an actual threat or not. The brain is instinctively adaptable and is its very nature; this is called neuro-plasticity or neuro-adaptability; our brains are naturally energy conserving and will take any opportunity to become more sustainable. When the brain is about to produce a perturbation event, which takes you out of the present moment, that perturbation, or wobbly brain-wave pattern, (non-linear systems do this) is recognized by the computer and encoder, which interrupts the music you are listening to. Your brain must drop the negative event that it is about to produce and come back to the present moment.  It is actually very simple.  And since we now know that the brain learns from experience, it actually changes. Read what clients say from their own experience.


Case Study

Six year old Evan (not his real name) was brought in by his parents because he was having allot of issues. If he became upset at school, he was almost inconsolable and for long periods of time.  If he had a conflict at school, he would retreat and isolate rather than be able to adapt to the situation.  He was affraid of getting germs and was hyper-sensitive to many situations.  They had tried many therapies but still he continued to have these concerns.

Within a number of sessions, they began to notice dramatic differences in these negative behaviors.  Now when upset, it lasts only for a short time and then he is back to his normal, chipper self.  He stopped obsessing about germs altogether, and when there is an interpersonal conflict at school, he is able to adapt to it just fine. They used the word ‘miracles’ for the changes that they are seeing in him.  And his therapist and teachers are sharing with his parents the wonderful changes that they are seeing.


Why use NeurOptimal pdf

Dynamical Neurofeedback pdf

Neuroptimal and the rest of the field pdf


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