One more reason to get a good night’s sleep.

Almost every week, I hear from someone who has a sleep problem.  They either cannot get to sleep, or wake up and cannot get back to sleep, or they are on intense medications and this is the only way they can sleep and it is not good sleep they tell me.
And every week I hear a story from a neurofeedback client that they are seeing improvement in their sleep pattern and the only thing that they are doing differently is NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback at our office or at home with a rental unit.
Because the Central Nervous System (CNS, or brain and spinal chord) is key to getting restorative sleep, and because we target the CNS in our feedback, we often see shifts in sleep pattern right away.  If we can show the CNS how it is functioning, it can renormalize itself as energy conservation is its MAIN task.  And sleep is an energy conserving function.  And much more!
See the TedMed talk to learn more about how toxins are removed from the brain while we sleep.
At TEDMED 2014, neuroscientist Jeff Iliff illuminates a newly discovered, critical function of the brain during sleep, a natural cleansing system that keeps toxic proteins at bay.