For optimal performance to happen, we have to be present, aware without working too hard, dynamical relaxed, and our system has to be calm.


But how do we do that?


NeurOPTIMAL® can help you do that.  It does it by mirroring back to your brain every time it looses present moment contact and is making something up (either ruminating about the past or catastrophizing about the future).  We acquire habits over the course of our lifetime.  We take them on from parents and other siblings.  We take them on from accidents and injuries, during illnesses, based on many circumstances that are beyond our control.

And these acquired habits that we do not control, but in fact control us, all take energy to sustain.  NeurOPTIMAL® neurofeedback brain training helps you optimize your energy by evoking the Orienting Response over and over, and each time it is evoked, your body learns to spend energy just a little bit better. And that adds up to a calmer, more present you.

And we say this becuase this is what clients have told us for years. And this is what we experience as trainers because we all to sessions on ourselves.  It works.  And we no longer need multi year research to prove it.  It is proven by lived experience and it has grown from world of mouth because it works.

So if you want optimal performance in you life and activities, give NeurOPTIMAL® a try,  You can get in office sessions, rent a system and do it at home, or buy your own system.


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