Perturbation is what happens in the brain when it is about to shift from one level of function to another, whether it is an ascending one or descending one. This perturbation event is a chaotic ‘fibrilation’ or spontaneous electrical Central Nervous System activity related to fight or flight or simply, adaptability, that precedes our becoming: upset, angry, depressed, anxious, loss of focus, hyperactive, affraid (fill in your issue), or moving to a higher level of functioning.

Based on past trauma, we will respond automatically and mechanically when we are triggered by an event that is stressful for us.  This approach to neurofeedback training can re-train the brain to notice when a stressful trigger occurs so that you don’t lose present moment contact and can drop the internal event and return to the present.  ‘How’ we are in the present is ‘how’ we will respond to life events.  Our state of mind is key to how we will adapt to life events.