Rent a unit from  

& do your sessions at your home or office.

We make the NeurOptimal neurofeedback Personal System available for training at your home/office. 

Everything is included, with personalized training to get you going.

And we are here if you need us!

 The at-home system offers the same calibre training as an office visit minus the hassle of travel & booking.


 These Personal units are designed for home use. All you need to know how to do is put the sensors on and press the green button to start the session.


 That’s it! And we teach you how to do it.


• Fully automated, there is nothing to do except rest and enjoy the session
• Sessions are the same powerful technology you would receive via NeurOptimal® Professional
•You’re able to run sessions using a variety of multi-media options including the custom Zengar music and fractal images, or if you have an external DVD drive or the thumb-drive, DVD’s.
•The software driving NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer is the same as it’s Professional big brother, with a simple interface.
•We have brought the neurofeedback field into the Quantum age with
Don’t be fooled!  NeurOptimal® is the only neurofeedback approach using up to date Complex, Adaptive Physics and Non-Linear Math. It stands on the shoulders of the traditional neurofeedback approaches which is why it is completely safe and simple to use. The expertise is in the software, not the individual running the session.

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