I love NeurOptimal®, based on my personal and professional experience.  It is truly an amazing transformational technology and much more than anyone could imagine!  I have seen incredible changes and benefits across a wide spectrum of reasons that people have sought me out. And I am saying this based on having been a therapist in private practice for 36 years; this is a game changer.  I feel so strongly about NeurOptimal brain training that I am consulting and supervising trainers to help them in integrating it into their practice, or get their business off the ground. From the technology itself and the science behind it, to website and marketing development, to client interaction.  

I highly recommend that trainers become annual PASS members for the incredible technical assistance that you will receive, not to mention discounts on most everything, access to 20 trainer forums (I am one of the two moderators for the Clinical and Children’s forum), a free loaner program in case you system fails, webinars on various topics with Dr. Val Brown, our PASS Forum Moderators, our Representatives as well as fellow PASS members who have excelled in an area of NeurOptimal that they are willing to share with their fellow members. free upgrades, and early updates, free technical assistance and ‘Mousecall’ maintenance to keep your system running problem free, and as well as to be in communication with hundreds of other trainers around the world for ongoing support.  We all learn from one another and it is a place to get help when you feel stuck or lost.  We are humans after all!

The PASS Forum (Premium Access Support Systems) is actually a collection of 20 forums (Beginners, Technical, Clinical, Business, etc…) accessible in the private PASS area. These forums together comprise our community and are the main way Zengar stays in touch with us. The PASS forum is non-intrusive in that nothing is sent to you, you simply visit at your leisure. Each forum has two hand-picked moderators who are experts in their field. The PASS forum is THE place to connect with your NeurOptimal® community.  I am actually a moderator for the PASS members forums as well.  And I have presented webinars for PASS members on the topic of Trauma and Marketing your Private Practice with WordPress Websites which are available anytime to be viewed of PASS members..

We can work in person, by phone, Skype or FaceTime.


 Here is what I help with:

•how to support your client while they journey through their sessions; contextualize for them how to interpret their progress

•the language to use when your clients need to understand the differences between NeurOptimal and the traditional entrain and migrate neurofeedback approaches.

•technical and practical issues and concerns (that come from direct experience)

•how to interact with clients at the initial contact

•how to speak with parents who are contacting you on behalf of their children’s issues

•how to explain what we are doing in simple language: and the science behind it when someone asks for that

•explaining the differences between NeurOPTIMAL and all other systems out there with a clear history of the field

•how to support clients to get the most out of their training journey; from the first session to their last one

•how to assist clients in tracking their progress and developing clear, realistic goals

•how to engage with your client during their training experience without either getting in their way

•help with understanding what can slow down or block training progress and what to do about it

•how to develop and integrate your marketing strategy integrated into a functional website

•how to develop and attract potential clients who sign themselves up for your newsletter

•how to write and deliver a free report that folks receive when they sign up for your newsletter

•how to develop your marketing message and deliver via video, you speaking to them directly, so that potential clients immediately get a sense of you and feel comfortable about calling and asking questions and making appointments.

•how to develop a friendly, helpful, educational newsletter that will build trust; and turning these folks into clients, and doing so without ever turning them off

•how to avoid some of the mistakes that I made in developing my NeurOPTIMAL practice over the last  11 years!!

•pricing and business strategies that will be right for your NeurOPTIMAL business

Please do contact me to set up a free 30 minute consult to see it I can help you with your goals.  




*I work with licensed therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, business people: anyone who wants to jump start their practice so they can begin helping clients improve their life significantly