Research Conference

I am attending the NeurOPTIMAL Neurofeedback Research Conference this week in California.  These are research presentations about significant benefits that clients have received from this approach to biofeedback brain training, and it is inspiring.  I have seen research data on clients improving rapidly from traumatic brain injury, chemo-brain patients clearing brain fog and cognitive dysfunction,  severely impaired children transcending professional expectations and functioning at higher levels than ever anticipated and assisting folks with significant sleep disorders.  Many of these clients who had not received significance assistance from previous interventions, have seen significant jumps in their physical, emotional and cognitive function via NeurOPTIMAL.  This is a powerful technology that very few people have ever heard of.

So what is significant about NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback you say?

This form of brain biofeedback is unique to say the least.  I guess that I will say what is traditional brain biofeedback and then how NeurOPTIMAL does what it does.

I want to first state that traditional neurofeedback can help for sure; and an seasoned professional is key here as it is an expert driven approach where decisions are made about your brain based on what I consider unnecessary diagnostic analysis.  This field has a long history that goes back to the turn-of-the-century when a German Doctor named Berger began measuring body energy changes.  From there, the field of biofeedback has a significant history of helping people learn modulate their body energy.  Then in the 1960s, research was done for NASA that dealt with epileptic seizures that opened up the work of brain biofeedback.  From this point forward, the field was ‘entrainment’ oriented and has stayed that way to the present.  (Entrainment: you push or inhibit certain areas of the brainwave spectrum to get change.)

NeurOPTIMAL changes all this.  We are not diagnosis driven; we feel that this is obsolete given that we now understand about the super sophistication of our Central Nervous System/brain and its intrinsic ability to self-regulate; dare I say that it has regenerative capabilities.  We are using the same technology called the EEG (electroencephalogram) which measures changes in the brains energy expenditure; we are using it is completely different way.

Rather than manipulating brainwaves by performing strategies (pushing/inhibiting certain frequencies), we provide real- time, comprehensive information to the brain about what it is doing moment to moment.  There is nothing ‘entraining’ about what we do. But our brains are capable of sorting themselves out and improving their own functionality if we simply mirror back to it what it is doing.  Since it is an energy saving system, and way more sophisticated than we ever expected, we can help it improve its own behavior.  When we mirror its patterns back to it in its own language, our brains reorganize their own energy expenditure and this has broad benefits across our organism; physical, emotional, mental, and at the level of our identity and relations with others.

I am passionate about this work because it is cutting edge and I see what it can do with the clients that I have worked with these last 8 years!  Amazing…