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•My Colleague from Connecticut, Rae Tattenbaum, is interviewed on helping children with NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback.

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•In October of 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics gave neurofeedback their top rating in application to the behavioral symptoms of ADHD. This means that neurofeedback has met the highest standards currently being applied to the appraisal of psychosocial interventions.

•Neurofeedback meets the American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s criteria for ‘Clinical Guidelines’ for treatment of ADHD, seizure disorders, depression, reading disabilities, addictive disorders, and anxiety (e.g., obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias).

Many parents bring their children to receive neurofeedback training.  They usually come because of some self-regulation or behavioral issue and often that issue is causing a problem in school and at home.  ADD/ADHD, defiant behavior, can’t regulate their emotions, anger issues, depression or anxiety are common reasons from bringing a child for neurofeedback training.  

Teachers and administration officials are pressuring the parent to get a ‘diagnosis’ and perhaps even have the child put on some medication to ‘change’ their behavior. A child might be considered disruptive to the the learning atmosphere although that the child is suffering and cannot stop their behavior even when they are told to (which is because there is a biological imbalance- it’s not that they are simply being ‘defiant’).

The problem is that these children cannot change their behaviors because the behavior is only a relief valve for something deeper that needs addressing.  When any human takes on more pressure than they can deal with, there are compensatory behaviors that will happen as an means of coping.  What do you think over-exertion is?  Why do you think that some folks go and go until they exhaust themselves or become ill. They can’t help it because the overload in their psyche causes the ‘relief valve effect’ in order to manage the pressure- or the system burns itself out. This is well researched and comes out the biological stress literature called ‘Compensation’.

The other concern for me is children taking medication.  There are really few long term test trials of medication and children. Your children may also not react well to medications as many parents tell me; some do, some don’t, although we don’t know how they will fare in the long run.  I am seeing a 15 year old boy who had an allergic reaction to medication.  And the side effects can be daunting as well as the fact that medications consume large quantities of our biological energy in order to make them work.  So you really don’t know what how a particular child will respond and many parents tell me the they will either not use medications or that it is a last ditch effort.

With NeurOPTIMAL neurofeedback training, we never diagnose because a single diagnosis puts an individual in a box and humans are much more complex then one diagnosis. Often the belief that they are that diagnosis is a self fulfilling prophecy.  Since all brains function in exactly the same way, by providing feedback to that individual’s brain about how it is behaving, that brain can make its own changes because that is how it is designed. It is called self-regulating and brains are incredibly adaptable if you know how to communicate with them, or simply said, neuroplasticity. Other neurofeedback approaches diagnose as well, and then push and/or inhibit certain frequencies and this can bring about side-effects which everyone is aware of.  NeurOPTIMAL never pushes the brain, ever! We simply give it feedback every time the brain loses present moment contact and begins to produce what is called in physics a ‘wobble’- which is an over expenditure of energy (called a phase shift or perturbation in physics), and the brain must stop producing that event, and comes back to the present moment to assess if there is an actual threat or not, all instinctively or below the conscious minds awareness.  

Our brain is designed to evolve itself and thus learn from direct experience.  This is called the Orienting Response and it’s survival response that we use all the time, but since it is instinctual, we are mostly unaware of it. It all happens below our conscious awareness. The times that we did not see obvious and dramatic benefits with children I have worked with is that there was something preventing the brain from changing; either dietary, unresolves medical issues, relationship oriented, or environmental.   This is called an ‘external constraint’, and again, a physics term.  Our brain is designed to change based on direct experience.  So it is rare that we do not see positive change.  Generally we see the child’s system improve its behavior emotionally, physically and cognitively.  In the case where something is preventing the brain from changing, once we determine that and intervene appropriately, the brain adapts beautifully.  

I just worked with an 8 year girl who had OCD behaviors and fear of being alone. After 6 sessions, she said tot me, “I don’t need to come to therapy any more. It’s all gone”.  Her Mother agreed and I did too.    Call us to speak further to see if this approach can help your child to function better and be happier in his/her life.  A brain that can bounce back faster is going to experience more ongoing satisfaction, more resilience in the face of stressors, and happiness in daily life.  

And see what parents say about their experience of NeurOPTIMAL in the What Clients Say section. After an initial assessment session, I might recommend that Mom or Dad come for some sessions with their child.  Since our brains are so social in nature (based on current research), your imbalances are being transmitted to your children through your interactions with them, often unrecognized by you.  If you don’t receive some training, your child’s benefits might be inhibited.  We can discuss this.   NeurOPTIMAL has proven over the course of one million two hundred thousand hours of training time to be highly effective across many different conditions and with NO SIDE EFFECTS. 

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