We are Official Representatives on the team at Zengar Institute. Zengar Institute is the only organization who sells NeurOptimal® systems.  We  become your Representative,  help you handle important details that you might not consider yourself, educate you and answer all your questions and concerns, and will even follow-up with you to insure your equipment is working smoothly.

We walk you through the purchase process from beginning to end, including following up with you once your equipment has arrived.  We have more than a decade of experience with the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system and can and will support you to get you going, whether you are purchasing a NeurOptimal Personal or Professional Bundle. We become your point of contact and why we were chosen to handle this unique and key function.

See the Personal and Professional videos we produced that explain more about the internal workings of NeurOptimal and why we feel that they are the best and safest neurofeedback systems available today.  Click the links in blue view them.

Call us at 303-449-2004 or email Loraine Masterton (see contact form below) who is our business manager and herself a Certified NeurOptimal Trainer who now has completed 450 sessions for herself and can share what that had done for her. We look forward to being of service.  Even if you are not ready to purchase, call us and we will help answer all your questions so that you can decide if this is the right moment or not.  We can even rent you a system before you proceed with your purchase. We are a client centered consultancy, not a sales organization so you won’t be pressured to buy.

We will even explain about NeurOptimal’s financing if that is how you wish to proceed.  This system is so effective, our commitment is to getting the technology into the world and in the hands of those who will benefit for using it and sharing it with others through their business,  wellness salon, or coaching or hands-on-therapy or psychotherapy practice.  It had enabled a major jump in our client outcomes and gets clients out the door much faster and much more satisfied at having reached their goal of feeling better about themselves and their life. It reduces suffering bottom line.


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