David Delaney, MA, ACR, LPC (Co.) is a psychotherapist, somatic therapist and trained as well in the Tomatis Method. He has worked with children, adolescents and adults to help them function better in life. He also has a background in working with professional actors and singers.

David holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked as a somatic psychotherapist in private practice as well as a supervisor at Access Counseling in Boulder, Colorado. David is also a Certified Advanced Rolf® Practitioner, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer & Rep (granted Master certification in 2010) specializing in the area of performance anxiety and traumatic stress resolution, the major issue behind most clinical diagnosis.

The ear is the most powerful sensory integrator of the human body. More than 80% of the stimulation our brain receives comes from our ear. It has a major role in the cerebral stimulation of the brain, and it also has a positive action on the cerebral plasticity of the Central Nervous System (CNS). This explains how our CNS interacts in many fields of endeavor. The Tomatis® Method is a complementary tool to most training support. It makes it possible to multiply the results obtained, and thus significantly reduce the duration of a traditional learning time. It can be used at any age and it is used for one’s personal development to help support most difficulties and dysfunctions as well as to improve phonation and improving the ‘musical ear’.

The Tomatis® Method is also helpful for many other situations.  Even though Dr. Tomatis began his work with professional singers, it was soon recognized that it had powerful benefits on other conditions and beneficial to learning languages, memorization, Autism and much more.

I do provide the TLTS Listening Test as well as offering Intensive At-Home Training with the Tomatis TalkUp® device, and as well for others who might benefit. It can improve learning, voice and language, range and timbre, emotional regulation, motor skills and coordination, postural improvement/listening posture, reading and reading comprehension and much more.

Call or email for further information. I am always open to share what I know to those who are sincere in their inquiry.

Contact David directly for a free consult on the Tomatis® Method and to explore if it can benefit your goals. I work with individuals all over the country even if we are unable to do a Listening Test.