Wall Street Journal article on Neurofeedback Brain Training

The Wall Street Journal has an article on how athletes, executives, and performing artists are more and more training there brains with neurofeedback to improve their performance.  It is the pressure that all these folks get under in competitive environments that causes them to lose focus and perform poorly.

And this article gives a brief look into how the classical neurofeedback approaches produce change.  They all mostly do a QEEG (brain analysis) and then based on that ‘picture of a moment in time’, they decide what they think that the brain needs, all based on etrial and error, and then push and or inhibit certain braiwaves areas.

Now, we use the same technology, but in an entirely different way.  So we do not push nor inhibit but we provided the brain with comprehensive information about its own functioning and the brain takes that information and makes its OWN changes.


Neurofeedback Brain Training article: Wall Street Journal LINK