What is happening on our brain when we are upset?

 We humans are mammals biologically, as are the other primates.  We have a reptilian aspect to our brain structure which takes over when we feel threatened or upset.  The second aspect of our brain is the mammalian brain, the emotional or relational brain center.  And the the third aspect of the brain is the neocortex which allows for higher ordered functioning like philosophy, math, creativity, self-reflection, contemplation, and so on.
But what happens when we feel upset or threatened?  A structure in our mammalian brain called the Amygdala begins sending out a hormone called cortisol that puts us into a state of alarm, and the higher ordered functions go off-line, in a  very real sense.   This is why if there is conflict, we cannot always remain calm and detached. And this shift can happen, and yet we are unaware of it, which means we can be living in a fight or flight state more often than we are aware of.
There is another structure in our mammalian brain called the hippocampus that can bring us back to a wide open focus, relaxed state.  It is related to the amygdala and this is what is evoked when we drop the upset and return to a present moment awareness.  And this is what NeurOptimal neurofeedback targets by evoking the Orienting Response, a biological, instinctive, default survival process.  When your brain is about to become upset, there is an electric signal that occurs and through this electric-chemical activity, the precursor to becoming upset and losing present moment contact, NeurOptimal mirrors back to the brain what it is about to do.  And since our brain can learn from direct experience, it drops this event it is about to generate, and returns to the present.
Our brains are primarily energy conserving organic systems and can improve their own function though the lifespan.  In a real sense, the feedback process that NeurOptimal provides is new information to the brain.  But rathe than tell the brain what we think is good for as all other forms of neurofeedback do, NeurOptimal provides a complete spectrum of information to the brain and let’s it sort itself out, which it is fully capable of doing.  It is in fact a regenerative system that can learn and improve its own function, efficiency, resiliency and adaptability.
This is why our results are so good.  See the 2014 Independent Survey for more comprehensive information about what NeurOptimal® neurofeeback training can do for you and your family.