When the phone rings, what happens in your brain?

What happens when you are driving along in your car, thinking about your evening plans or ruminating about the fight you had with a co-worker at the office and your phone suddenly rings?  There is a biological default, survival tactic called the Orienting Response that is evoked via a structure in your mid-brain called the Hippocampus.  No matter what was happening internally for you, all of that goes away in a moment and your brain returns to the present moment.  By returning to the present moment, it is orienting instinctually toward this new information, to see if it needs to meet a challenge or solve a problem.  Our brain is very adaptable this way and this is why most of us are still around today.


This Orienting Response was developed when humans lived in the wild.  If we heard a noise and did not take evasive action, we were likely dinner for a sabor-toothed tiger.  It is still with us.  When a phone rings, or someone calls our name, or we hear a noise upstairs, no matter what we are engaged in, it will be dropped immediately and we will orient to this new event, by the way,  this has nothing to do with thinking.  It is instinctual and biological, plain and simple.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback uses this same process to show the brain anytime it is about to shift states.  It simply reflects back to your brain what it is about to do and your brain uses that information to renormalize itself.  Our brains are shifting from one level of function to another all the time, even though we mostly are never aware of it happening, until after the fact.  It is just like how water boils or freezes. There is a moment at which it happens, called the phase shift, or state change.  This is how our reality is.  It is non-linear or in other words, there is a healthy chaos to life.

So NeurOptimal is able to monitor how your brain is spending energy (at 256 samples per second actually) and anytime your brain is about to generate an ascending or descending shift, called a Perturbation Event, it receives a piece of information that evokes the Orienting Response, thus returning to the present moment.  If that jump is needed, why then it will continue and adapt as is necessary.  If not, then we are back in the present moment. Again, we are mammals and have instincts that engage prior to us thinking about what to do.

The other point that is key here is that our brains are often making up stuff based on our past, unresolved experiences that generate these shifts.  We go into ‘ruminative catastrophizing’ (a known area in the brainwave spectrum) suddenly without even knowing it, and then we find ourselves being upset and angry.  Again, this is all happening at the below our conscious awareness.  The entire history of mankind has to do with our automaticity and how to improve our ability to be more present to what is actually happening within and around us versus the stuff we make up and don’t even know we are that causes us and others suffering.

Through the NeurOptimal training process, the brain is learning about itself, from itself. And with the undeniable science and research of Neuroplasticity, we know that our brains can evolve themselves, can learn to improve their survival capabilities over the lifespan.  Our brain is an energy conserving system, highly sophisticated and capable to improving its own function,  or in other words, improve its resilience in life.  And in our world, resilience is key to living well, or not.

To learn more about how NeurOptimal can improve your life, see the video at this link for further information.  Or call us at 303-449-2004. We are always happy to share what we know.  We believe and trust in NeurOptimal that much!

David Delaney & Loraine Mastereton, Official NeurOptimal® Representatives for Zengar Institute of Canada

The more we learn about how our human brain functions, the more we can improve everyday life for people.  That it the goal with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback brain training: reduce suffering!

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